Wiki Electric Motor

On this page you will find infor­ma­tion about how elec­tric motors work and what types are there. You will also find videos about elec­tric motors from our YouTube chan­nel. In addi­tion, we have col­lect­ed com­mon short­cuts and terms for elec­tric motors for you on this page.

Types and Function of Electric Motors

YouTube channel about Electric Motors

Glossary and Abbreviations

PMSMPer­ma­nent Mag­net Syn­chro­nous Motor
IPMSMInte­ri­or Per­ma­nent Mag­net Syn­chro­nous Motor
SPMSMSur­face Per­ma­nent Mag­net Syn­chro­nous Motor
ASMAsyn­chro­nous Motor
IMInduc­tion Motor
EESMElec­tric Excit­ed Syn­chro­nous Motor
SESMSep­a­rate­ly Excit­ed Syn­chro­nous Motor
BLDC-MotorBrush­less DC Motor
EC-MotorElec­tron­i­cal­ly Com­mu­tat­ed Motor
DC-MotorDirect Cur­rent Motor
AC-Motor Alter­nat­ing Cur­rent Motor
SR-MotorSwitched Reluc­tance Motor
Syn­RMSyn­chro­nous Reluc­tance Motor