Hybrid Drive for Commercial Vehicles

hybrid Lieferfahrzeug

“Selec­tion of the right dri­ve archi­tec­ture for the hybrid dri­ve to save a max­i­mum of fuel.”

electric Double Clutch Transmission

Electric Motor integrated into the Gearbox

Such dri­ves are ful­ly inte­grat­ed into the gear­box and com­bine the advan­tages of an RSG and an ISG. If the vehi­cle is at a traf­fic light, elec­tric­i­ty can still be gen­er­at­ed. On the oth­er hand, the vehi­cle can be parked with the elec­tric dri­ve, for exam­ple, with­out the com­bus­tion engine running.

Hybrid dri­ves, which are cou­pled via a belt, are called BSG (Belt-Start-Gen­er­a­tor). Due to the belt trans­mis­sion they have a high­er speed than the com­bus­tion engine and can be installed instead of an alternator. 

Starter Generator as Hybrid Drive

Cost-effective Option for Fuel Savings with BSG


Hybrid Vehicle with P0 and P2

Combination of BSG and eDCT

hybrid vehicle with P0 and P2

A very effi­cient dri­ve solu­tion for a hybrid vehi­cle is obtained by com­bin­ing a BSG (belt stater gen­er­a­tor) and an eDCT (elec­tric dual clutch trans­mis­sion). The main advan­tage of this dri­ve com­bi­na­tion is that the com­bus­tion engine is oper­at­ed with high effi­cien­cy main­ly in oper­at­ing points.