Development of Electric Drives

Selection of Electric Motor, Inverter and Gearbox

We help you select the right com­po­nents for your elec­tric dri­ve. This includes match­ing the gear ratio to the char­ac­ter­is­tic curve of the elec­tric motor. As well as select­ing a suit­able invert­er or pow­er elec­tron­ics for your elec­tric motor. More Info > 

Design of Electric Motors

Calculation and Simulation of Electrical Machines

We are spe­cial­ized in max­i­miz­ing the effi­cien­cy of elec­tric motors and min­i­miz­ing their pro­duc­tion costs in high vol­ume production.

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Espe­cial­ly for the auto­mo­tive sec­tor, we offer train­ings about elec­tric motors and invert­ers, for new­com­ers as well as experts.

In our free webi­na­rs you will learn the dif­fer­ent types of elec­tric motors in a short and clear way with­in 45min.

Inverter Hardware and Software

Software Development and Simulation of Power Electronics

Based on a struc­tured soft­ware archi­tec­ture, we have proven func­tions to opti­mal­ly con­trol elec­tri­cal machines. More Info >

Drives for Electric Cars and Hybrid Vehicles

Selection and Optimization of Electric Drives

We help you to select the right elec­tric dri­ves for elec­tric cars to increase the range of your vehi­cle and save fuel of hybrid vehi­cles. More Info >

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Induction Motor Types Function and Comparison